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Guidelines for reviewers about plagiarism

Important notice

- both plagiarism of other authors and self-plagiarism (i.e. of a paper involving the author himself) are unacceptable. While it is an extremely serious fault to copy other researchers' results, it is also highly criticable to publish several times the same material. Please see, e.g., the IEEE FAQ page

- an overview paper in a convened session cannot be treated similarly to a standard paper. In particular, the coverage of several already published results (including outside the author's scientific circle) is expected and cannot be treated as plagiarim

- in all cases, proper referencing of the original source is manadtory. Any detection of uncited material of a significant importance in the paper should be quoted in the review report and may be a cause of rejection

What is moderate plagiarism ?

Moderate plagiarism happens when you have, for example:

- the same or nearly same list of references

- pieces of identical text for non essential parts of the paper,e.g. in the general introduction or of such a level of public knowledge that it cannot be considered original in any way

- a proportion of results identical to another paper of the same author that is below 50 % (in terms of proportion of text, of figures....)

- the subjective feeling that the paper contains novelty, a significant amount of results not previously published


What is unacceptable plagiarism ?

- large pieces of text which are pure copy & paste in several parts of the paper

- more than half of identical figures

- a major figure or a major piece of text, in terms of the scientific contents and paper value, which are identical, while the rest of the paper is of minor importance

- the subjective feeling that there is nothing significantly different from the overall published paper(s)

- an overview paper that is nearly exactly similar to another one in another conference or journal


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