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EuCAP2023 Parallel Workshop

The Evolution of Smart Wireless Environments – Research and Industrial Perspectives

Smart Wireless Environment technologies (including static passive EM skins, reconfigurable passive EM skins or reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, smart repeaters, etc.) are recently emerging as a key enable component of next generation communication systems.

The growing interest on such technologies from the academic and industrial viewpoint is motivated by the fundamental promise of the Smart Wireless Environment vision, that is the possibility to manipulate the propagation of complex environments according to the communications system needs. Despite the groundbreaking opportunities enabled by this vision, several challenges still need to be addressed from the methodological and practical viewpoint to enable the application of the arising concepts in practical scenarios.

This workshop will be aimed at providing a broad and multi-disciplinary view on
the current trends, the ongoing initiatives, and the research and industrial perspectives in the field.

List of talks:


Workshop Organizers :

BILOTTI Filiberto
Università di Roma TRE, Italy

CNRS & CentraleSupelec - Paris-Saclay University, France

ELEDIA Research Center (ELEDIA@UniTN), University of Trento, Italy



To register for the Parallel Workshop "The Evolution of Smart Wireless Environments – Research and Industrial Perspectives" please click here :





During the registration it is possible to register only for the Parallel Workshop or also purchase the entrance to the EUCAP2023 conference for the same day as the Parallel Workshop.


Organized by EurAAP

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